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From February 25 to February 28 representatives of GadgetFair Team will work at the largest European forum of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.



First time in Russia

Gadget Fair-2013 is a unique event, which for the first time in Russia will assemble an interactive exhibition of gadgets. Top national and international gadget manufacturers, software developers as well as commercial networks, suppliers of accessories and lots of others market participants will take part in our event.



Program of exhibition on the WEB-site

The Program of GadgetFair-2013 exhibition here:





Here also the Russia's first exhibition and a festival of gadgets of Gadget Fair – 2013 finished the work.

The premiere took place! For all days of work the exhibition and the business program of event were visited more than 8000 people.
More than 50 mass media shined exhibition work, among which RBK-TV, 1 Channel, NTV, Vestie-FM, Nano TV, TV Synergy, 24 texno and others.

In spite of the fact that this year only 133 companies participated in an exhibition (83 with individual stands and expositions), the event turned out very interesting, sated with novelties and unusual gadgets.

The part of photos from an exhibition is already posted online
Opening ceremony of exhibition took place in a festive atmosphere.

Ceremony of official opening of exhibition was visited representatives the world's largest research company GFK Russia, State corporation ROSATOM, Associations of the enterprises of computer and information technologies,
Heads of the largest Russian companies of producers of gadgets, representatives of the radio-electronic industry of Russia, technomoll "Gorbushkin yard", the largest mass media of the market.
With informal visits the exhibition was visited by delegations of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow and the Ministry of the industry of the Russian Federation.

Participants of ceremony congratulated participants, visitors and organizers of exhibition with opening and noted the importance of the Gadget Fair exhibition.

The rest of the time of work of exhibition passed in the easy and business atmosphere. Draw of prizes and gifts was constantly made. At an entrance of exhibition all visitirs met nice robots. Everyone could try on himself Google Glass, learn about a condition of the cardiovascular system in "Kardio a booth", pass the test, allowing to reveal genetic predisposition of the person to these or those sciences, sports and hobbies on the basis of the analysis of fingerprints, and also to test a lot of smartphones, tablets, electronic books, video recorders from various producers!
In the hall all visitors can see the gallery of a retro photo of gadgets and an exposition of cool pictures of gadgets of jokers.

The tent with installation FUSION EMOTION AMBIENTE immersing in the relax world of light and music used a great interest. On special exposure “Gadgets for special purpose” was shown "Solders of XXI century" with a totality of gadgets of a special purpose: tablets, navigation systems, radio equipments. Electronic musical gadgets, interactive technologies, additional reality, zone of a relax, show of robots, test drive of electro bicycles and hyrocycles were surprising of visitors.

Gadgets — it not for boring people! For participants of exhibition and also for all comers to join them there took place Gadget Party — the pearl of Gadget Fair entertainment program.
In a non-stop mode, kilotons light and sound fell upon guests of Gadget Party!
Huge number of competitions, prizes, gifts and, certainly, the DISCO !

Winners of the competition "The Best Tablet", "The Best Smartphone" according to the version of visitors of the Gadget Fair exhibition - 2013 were awarded. ASUS Technology and Meizu Russia companies became them.
Also representatives of CHIP magazine awarded the winner of competition "The best gadget of an exhibition according to the Chip magazine version - Master Kit company.
Among participants of GadgetParty were played prizes from the companies: Indycom, Symphony of rest, MMS, Golden Gate of Group, Alpina Pablisher and IT Expert magazine.
The main prize was provided by the Geneva company - Geneva Model M+CD.

Thank you that you were with us!

To a meeting next year!

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